Solution focused brief therapy in English in Tampere city center

I offer solution focused brief therapy also in English for individuals and for couples.

Brief therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on helping people to quickly address specific problems or issues in their lives. Brief therapy is empowering and focuses on hope and strengths. Typical issues could be for example problems in relationships, self esteem problems, stress, burn out, a sudden crisis or personal growth.

A therapy session lasts 45 minutes and normally 5-15 sessions are enough. You don’t need a diagnosis to come. The therapists will meet you with empathy and respect. You are welcome, I am here for you! Location in Tampere city center in the PMK house (Erkkilänkatu 11 A 7).


  • first session 45 min 20 €
  • packages after the first session
    • 3 x 45 min 90 €
    • 5 x 45 min 145 €
  • single session after the first session 45 min 35 €


  • first session 60 min 45€
  • after the first session
    • 60 min 55 €
    • 90 min 65 €

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